• Mickey Owner, Coach

    Mickey became an online Health Coach in 2015 after losing 100 pounds of excess body weight. He was able to transform his physique through a lifestyle of balanced eating habits and consistent exercise. Mickey began coaching his friends and family with transformations and it fueled his passion to help others in doing whatever it takes to ensure they reach their goals. Michael naturally became an influential athlete within the OCR community and has been handpicked by companies such as Spartan Race and Grip Sling to represent their brand. Mickey’s love for the sport has driven him to focus his athletic training on continually having “burpee free” races. A burpee free race is a race in which you successfully complete all of the obstacles during a race without penalties – something even the most top athletes cannot claim. In having learned how to train and successfully complete his “burpee free” race goal, he has been able to coach other athletes on techniques and training tips for the obstacles.

  • Sammy Jo Owner, Coach, NASM, BSN, RN

    Sam has been an ER nurse for the past 8 years. After falling in love with OCR racing, she wanted to begin helping people outside of the hospital. She saw how nutrition and exercise played a key role in the effects of chronic disease and felt she could influence these people before they reached the ER by teaching them preventative health through a balanced lifestyle. In 2016 she obtained her NASM personal training certification, Spartan SGX and Spartan Obstacle Specialist certification. She has also completed all distances of the Spartan Races and understands the importance of how to train for the different requirements for each course. When Sammy started competing in races she was faced with obstacles that she couldn’t complete, at which point she adjusted her training to successfully conquer those obstacles without seeing a decline in performance.

  • Christina Geri Intuitive Coach, MA

    As a result of working with Christina “Chrissie” Geri, her clients work from their inner strength, believe in themselves more than ever before, and understand their transformative magic power in any area of their lives. While she worked toward building physical strength she realized it simultaneously developed her inner spiritual (& mental) strength. She empowers others to tap into their own self-healing and love and identify as their sexiest selves yet. Coached by Marisa Inda and Kathy Drayton, Christina developed her own approach to strength training that is rooted in femininity and guided by self-love and acceptance. I look for women (& men) who seek major physical transformations as a result of falling in love with their true powerful selves, shifting their vibrational frequency from anxiety to abundant joy, and realizing they were meant to be a bad ass.