It’s an honor to work with many respected partners within the community. We would like to give thanks to our affiliate companies below.

Fresh, healthy, convenient, delicious meals delivered to you! They pride themselves in using organic and seasonal produce and meat from local sustainable farms that are portioned out to fit your lifestyle needs. For first time customers they offer a second week of free meals if you are referred from Just Go Lift by clicking on their icon above and one free meal a week if you pick up your meals from the gym!

Use code “Healthy-5” for second week free (up to $69 Value).

Spartan SGX and Spartan Obstacle Specialist Certified

SWE provides unique and high quality fitness apparel for all your training needs! SWE is where functional meets designer fitness clothing! Visit them online or come into the gym today to pick up a pair of Just Go Lift leggings for your next event!

Looking for the next cutting edge glove to maximize your performance? Fit Four is the official glove of Spartan and utilizes the best technology available to bring you the highest performing glove available. Innovation, Passion, Customer Care and Integrity is their motto! Check them out and use promocode: Justgolift for 10% off your purchase!

LifeAid- Supplement your lifestyle today by choosing what function best fits your physical needs. Lifeaid carries a variety of supplemental drinks that help with recovery from an intense workouts, to helping boost your immunity when your feeling beat down with a cold. Check them out today to learn how they can help you!

Nutraleaf- A Protein plus Superfood is a convenient all in one nutritional shake which contains a blend of plant based proteins, greens, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and natural digestive enzymes.

Seven Seas Roasting Company- Our vision at 7Seas is to deliver the best-tasting exotic beans by fostering lasting relationships with rural coffee farms throughout the developing world, providing sustainability and resources to otherwise forgotten families and communities. 7Seas is a roasting company built on solid morals and aims to better humanity one sip at a time.

Gurilla Rollers is one of the best training tools that you can add to your bag of tricks today. They use high quality ABS Plastic and mold resistant polypropylene (paracord rope) to work your muscles and soft tissue at a higher density. The rope allows the myofascial tissue to be easily gripped (without sticking to your skin or pulling hairs), which facilitates increased blood flow, increased range of motion and most importantly, quicker recovery times! Pick up a custom Just Go Lift Gurilla Roller at the gym or visit them online to learn more!

Nonny-If you are in the market for generic and/or custom fitness equipment Nonny has been a metal fabricator for the past 20 years. He custom manufactures everything from a delicate artistic metal flower to a bed frame to badass calisthenics equipment. You can message him at or 714-496-6060. Visit his Instagram to see some of his custom fabrications and innovative ways to train.

Grip Sling- A functional workout strap that promotes creativity through simplicity

Fitness Armory- California’s Fitness Supply Specialist. The largest supplier of quality functional fitness equipment.

1st Phorm – If you are looking for a high quality clean supplement to help take your fitness to the next level, 1st Phorm takes pride in their brand with their main focus being fitness and nutrition. Realizing that not everyone can get the nutrients needed through whole foods they created a premium product to help supplement those foods when your lifestyle doesn’t allow for it. They stand behind each and every product 110%. Visit their website or stop in the gym to learn more about which products could help you.

Finishing Touch Flooring Inc – Looking for installation for turf and flooring in your new Fitness Facility? Finishing Touch does everything from home flooring installation to commercial facilities. Give them a call or shoot them an email today to learn more.

David Henry: 619-381-6455     Garrett Bock: 619-820-9462

Procompression offers a multitude of fun and functional compression socks to meet your everyday and fitness training needs! Whether you have a busy job and are on your feet all day or are competing in your next mudrun they are guaranteed to help keep your blood circulating and wick away moisture fast! Pick up a pair of their marathon socks to help prevent future rope burns at races!