MAP Dominguez Endurance Clinic

Saturday, April 21 at 7 AM – 10 AM PDT

The Map Dominguez Endurance Clinic, created and lead by Map Dominguez, is an introductory 3 hour training course to prepare you for the next level in obstacle course racing: The Endurance Event.

In this course you’ll learn best practices to prepare for an endurance event. Because there are no set rules on how train for one, this course is the starting point.

▪ Unconventional Strength Training
▪ Mental Preparedness
▪ Obstacle Course Skills
▪ Carrying Heavy Uncomfortable Objects
▪ Teamwork
▪ Nutrition
▪ Equipment

Start your Endurance journey and Make Your Life Extraordinary! To put your new skills you have learned to the test there will be an upcoming Endurance Event, lead by Map himself! More details to come on the Event!

Map Dominguez is a Marine Corps veteran of 12 years. He has participated in military operations in austere conditions such as the jungles of the Philippines to the desert of Iraq. Map is also a Krypteia for Spartan Endurance.

His Endurance events include:
Spartan Race Hurricane Heats
12HR Hurricane Heat
Ultra Beast Tahoe
EPIC Series Race: Elite Endurance
Machete Madness
24HR Ultra World Championships Iceland

Ticket information here!

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