JGL Support

  • Mickey Owner, Coach

    Mickey became an online Health Coach in 2015 after losing 100 pounds of excess body weight. He was able to transform his physique through a lifestyle of balanced eating habits and consistent exercise. Mickey began coaching his friends and family with transformations and it fueled his passion to help others in doing whatever it takes to ensure they reach their goals. Michael naturally became an influential athlete within the OCR community and has been handpicked by companies such as Spartan Race and Grip Sling to represent their brand. Mickey’s love for the sport has driven him to focus his athletic training on continually having “burpee free” races. A burpee free race is a race in which you successfully complete all of the obstacles during a race without penalties – something even the most top athletes cannot claim. In having learned how to train and successfully complete his “burpee free” race goal, he has been able to coach other athletes on techniques and training tips for the obstacles.

  • Sammy Jo Owner, Coach, NASM, BSN, RN

    Sam has been an ER nurse for the past 8 years. After falling in love with OCR racing, she wanted to begin helping people outside of the hospital. She saw how nutrition and exercise played a key role in the effects of chronic disease and felt she could influence these people before they reached the ER by teaching them preventative health through a balanced lifestyle. In 2016 she obtained her NASM personal training certification, Spartan SGX and Spartan Obstacle Specialist certification. She has also completed all distances of the Spartan Races and understands the importance of how to train for the different requirements for each course. When Sammy started competing in races she was faced with obstacles that she couldn’t complete, at which point she adjusted her training to successfully conquer those obstacles without seeing a decline in performance.

  • Jenny Payan ACE Group Fitness Instructor

    Jenny started her fitness journey in hopes of looking and feeling better in 2014. She had gone from being an athletic volleyball player and competing in track to a sedentary lifestyle of a hardworking college student. She didn’t realize the toll of such a lifestyle until she noticed she was constantly fatigued, had poor eating habits and began distancing herself from everyone due to her own personal insecurities. After going to the doctors she realized she needed to make necessary changes to her life in order to feel better and start smiling again. She began exercising, cleaning up her eating habits and instantly started noticing differences both mentally and physically. After loosing 30lbs on her journey and feeling great she knew she wanted to share this new found passion with others. In 2017 Jenny completed her first Spartan Trifecta; something she never thought she was capable of. Jenny’s goal is to enhance the well being of those who seek improvement; empowering clients through knowledge, skills, support and guidance, to turn fitness goals into reality. She understands that people choose to exercise for many reasons (performance, health, feel/look better) and through the right training program, determination and support, anyone can achieve their goals.

    “It is never to late to set another goal or dream a new dream”

  • Rob Martinez Manager

    Rob got his first taste for fitness in High School when he joined the wrestling team. He placed 2nd in the league his sophomore year and has since found a love for athleticism and competitiveness. At 18 he enlisted in the U.S Navy as an Air Traffic Controller. During his 5 year enlistment, Rob became a certified Command Fitness Leader where he was responsible for helping his fellow service members meet their fitness goals. Young, enthusiastic and eager to please, Rob is ready to help any and all who are ready to change their lives!

  • Mark Canosa Front Desk

    Not too long after beginning his fitness journey in 2010, Mark earned his NASM personal training and corrective exercise certifications. He then began training for local gyms in his home area in Northern California. In 2012 Mark enlisted in the U.S. Air Force as an Aircraft Technician where he is still currently enlisted. Mark would later go on to work at powerlifting gym where he broadened his training styles and his love for fitness grew exponentially. This led to a short stint in competitive powerlifting. After completing his first Tough Mudder while deployed overseas, he is now eager to dive into OCR training and compete in his first Spartan Race. Mark is very excited to help the JGL family grow to it’s full potential.

  • Nathaneal Vinbury B.S Exercise Science, NASM

    Nathanael is a U.S. Army Veteran who has earned his B.S. in Exercise Science from Salisbury University in MD. With nearly a decade in the fitness industry, he has gained multiple certifications including NASM Personal Trainer, TSAC, USGSF LVL1 Kettlebell, USAW Sports Performance, and TRX Suspension. Whether you’re just starting out, recovering from an injury, or looking to be the best version of yourself, Nathanael will dedicate his knowledge and skills to help you reach your goals.

  • Allison Kask

    Ally’s love for yoga introduced her to the mind-body connection of fitness. This helped her stay mentally and physically strong while fighting through the challenges life threw at her throughout high school. Towards the end of high school, she adopted this mindset into other areas of fitness and quickly, fitness grew into one of her biggest passions. Throughout college she taught group fitness classes including HIIT, cycle, yoga, and kickboxing to help others find the same passion for fitness while also developing this mind-body connection and helping others lead healthy and happy lives. Ally loves to create a community in fitness settings where everybody feels like they are truly a part of a team. Her goal in every class she leads is for people to leave a happier and stronger person! “You don’t get the ass you want by sitting on it!”

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